Chris Porcarelli

This has been my sketching space at the University of Gothenburg for the last two years.  I am a maker and this is the beginning of my process.  Time here is for self-exploration, challenge and growth.  Ideas transform from philosophy and imagination into physical, tangible being.  With pencil, and paper, I design connections with the people who will use the objects that I create. 


  1. Debs

    confused , is this at Gothenburg , or do you work FOR the university , but your space is here in Fengersfors , the view out of your window is confusing me !

    it’s brilliant that your special place is your work , how many people can say that . . .

  2. Alexia Mellor

    I know, how wonderful that Chris’s location is where he works! This is at Steneby, part of the University of Gothenburg. Fabulous to have such a great school down the road from Fengersfors!