Christina Westman

Christina approached me today to see if she could tell me her story. She has been noticing what was going on with the Unicorn Union project, but wasn’t sure if her story was interesting to other people. I assure you, it most definitely is.

Christina has chosen Not Quite as her special place because it has become a home for her. Five years ago, she began working in the café after experiencing being emotionally and mentally burned out. At first she just came to see Not Quite, but a few months later ended up working here.

When I asked Christina why it feels like home, she quite quickly responded with, “This place has allowed me to grow as a human. To become stronger: mentally and emotionally.” She is empowered.

The bistro is Christina’s home, and every guest at the café is part of her home.



  1. Gaby Karlsson Hain

    Fina Christina!!

  2. debs

    thank you Christina , reading this makes me feel very welcome