David Ekelund

Back to Nature – Bruket

“Everything grows out of nothing but the will to grow” – David

I visited a part of Bruket that has been taken over by nature. It is a stunning mix of beauty, decay, death and rebirth. We talked about David’s interest in the power of nature to withstand, to conquer, to always come back even after mankind has tried to overpower it. We also talked about his own work in gardening, in understanding the land, working with and respecting it.

There is something quite beautiful about this place – a unique combination of hopes and fears; comfort in knowing there is a cycle to everything.


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  1. debs

    it’s a good reminder to us humans , how small and powerless we really are , I would love to leave my garden a full year to run wild and see what really happens there , but am afraid I will get trapped in the house , I’ve seen what happens when I don’t cut the grass for a couple of weeks !!!