Debs Lyons

So, I had been living in Fengersfors for about 2 months, it had been a very stressful time before the move , and continued to be very stressful for a good time after as well.
At the time my man was working 2 nights a week in Stockholm and on those days I would take the dog out for ALL of her walks.
On this particular day, I had been on the phone to the insurance, talking with the bank, trying to find how to register with the doctor and dentist, couldn’t find a clean cup in the house for a relaxing cuppa !  The list of jobs I had to do was endless and now the #%$!€/! dog was whining for a walk as well!
I got the lead and my tobacco and rushed out , if I could run her about a bit or take a fast walking pace , hopefully I could tire her out enough for me to get home quick and carry on with the 3479 jobs I still had to do and maybe one day I would be allowed to die or sit down or have a cup of tea, or something.
I stomped up the street to the bus-stop and took a right, I had never been this way before, and might as well learn something new at the same time as exercising the dog, and within a minute I was suddenly out of my village, and, looking back at the Fengersfors sign gave me a little warm feeling for the first time that day.
“Hang on city chick” I said to myself and found my shoulders relaxing a little bit.
Not to far up the road I saw a turn to the right , and decided to take myself into the great unknown, walking along a track, throwing sticks to the dog, surrounded by Christmas trees, I felt a bit adventurous, and surely it was important to know where I lived a little better than I do now, I justified to myself whilst slowing my pace even more and enjoying the sounds and smells that were new to me, maybe some of the jobs can wait an hour or so….
I took a left and found myself walking uphill and to my astonishment, there in front of me was a mountain.
Of course I could have turned round and gone home, found the pans and started on with cooking the dinner, but a mountain ! Where I come from, my city is completely flat, so flat in fact that to do the uphill start on the driving test we have to go to bridge that goes over the railway and try it there, often without success !
So no I didn’t walk away , I went up , only half the way you understand, cos a city girl from the flatlands who smokes 15 a day, can’t really get all the way up in one go ( I can now though after 9 months training!)
and halfway up this mountain is some nice big stones and trees, and flat bits as well, so I sat down and within minutes all of this stress, rush , impatience, kind of seeped out of me and ….. I…..felt……soft….and ……relaxed, finally after months of clenching my jaw tight , I smiled
Did the jobs get done ….. yes some of them
Did I find a cup ….. yes but not my favorite one , that’s still packed in a box !
Did I get dinner on the table that night …… sort of, meatballs and macaroni !
Did I find the peace I moved to Fengersfors for …….YES