Elin och Hans-Åke Guldåker


Rävsalen, where we are now building our house since a couple of years letting it take its time to make it just as we want it.

The place is calm and peaceful we are both nature – romantics and enjoy the location a little outside Fengersfors where elks and deer are our close neighbours.

We both have a long term perspective, and like to work on this project together.


We enjoy the local context, there are many possibilities for working with what we like and also have a rich life. For us this will be our home for the future.


  1. Liza Johansson

    Låter underbart! Önskar er all lycka med er nya plats i livet. Bara namnet, “Rävsalen”, ett av flera sagolika namn i denna bygd, har alltid rullat dessa namn i min mun.

  2. Debs

    even though my house is built , me and my man are working well together to make it our home , I like to work with him outside , in the garden and inside cooking dinner , we laugh a lot, and enjoy each others company when we work closely together , and I hope it is the same for you