Jonny Knarrström

Jonny’s family has been here for a couple of generations in Fengersfors. His ancestor, Karl Rost, came over from Germany to become a soldier. At that time (1700s), soldiers were given a house and some land at a farm to live from and to keep ready to be called into duty. Karl’s son Olof was placed at Låket at the Knarrbyn farm, where he gets his last name from – Knarrström. The stone at the entrance of the bruket marks the stretch of road that was the farm’s responsibility.

Jonny says that now Fengersfors is moving again.




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  1. debs

    the whole history of Fengersfors ( like anywhere else ) is rich and interesting , can we record as much as we can from people like you jonny who can trace their own history back so far ?