Karin Dahl

The Meadow

My family and I recently moved to Fengersfors/Fröskog. This meadow is just a 100 meters from my house. The view is amazing, especially in the evening sun.

I sometimes wonder whether this is the right place to be living in. Have we made a good decision raising our kids here?

A feeling of not belonging sometimes passes my mind. I have no connections to this place. I have no family here, I don’t know the roads, the paths, the woods. I don’t know the lake, the rain, the grass and the wind.

But when I look out my window I see the beauty of lake “Ärr”. I see the light shifts and I feel very lucky to live here.


  1. debs

    you will find your way , and you will find your place , if this is the correct place for you to live
    I too am new here ( 10 months ) and I have reckoned on 2 years before I know people and people know me
    but actually now after just this short time I have people I begin to call friends , and there are lots of good people here who are kind , there are lots of stories here from people who have lived here their whole life and it is a very good position to come from the outside in, as we new ones don’t have the entanglements of family , lovers and old school friends , we are able to meet people exactly as who we are now , and that is quite scary but exciting too .

  2. debs

    maybe if you have the time , you would like to get involved in this project , as we need people who can collect stories and places from others , and it could be a helpful way for you to find some pathways , practically and metaphorically speaking :)