Kristin Bandgren

Kristin’s Lake: Edslan

Comfort and Peacefulness.

My conversation with Kristin started with our common experience of rootlessness, both being from families originally from Europe and having immigrated to the United States. From there we attempted to solve the world’s problems over kaffe and biscuits: the economy, women’s role in the workplace, wearing multiple hats, the glass ceiling, how we define home, the role of technology in our lives. It was wonderful.

Kristin then took me on a walk she makes quite often, up over a hill behind the home she shares with her husband and where she raised her family in Edsleskog. Kristin warned me that her location was “a cliché,” but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Once we arrived at the crest overlooking Edslan, my breath was literally taken away.  The landscape was so stunning, so peaceful, and made me feel simultaneously small and empowered. I understood why this had become a spot to contemplate, to just be.

So, we just were.

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  1. debs

    the thing about cliche’s though Kristin is that they are always based in the truth . :)