Pontus Ersbacken

From the Top of the Quarry, Fengersfors – a conversation and reflection

“When I see a mountain, I want to climb it  – exploring the heights. You feel like an animal, not a human being in a technological world, just a part of this planet. I would go there by myself, not with a group of friends, but just to feel connected. This is one of the first places I’ve been quite high up – I then started to go to lots of heights and look from the top of the world, looking at lakes, forests, farmers. This is the point that started me going to the tops

I like quarries because I work with stone – it’s fake and natural in the same place. Fake in the sense that man has made it in a cinematic view. One side is natural, the other is made from human hands on nature. That balance makes it special. If you fall, you die – it’s a dangerous place.

There is a pool because the quarry has been filled with water the last 100 years or so, so it’s filled with clear blue water. You can watch the pool from the top – it’s dead water, nothing growing in it because it’s a similar effect to a lot of limestone. It’s very deep also, lots of depths and views – very epic. I like epic stuff.

In some ways I like the high trees that don’t have as many branches as the low trees. Very spacious.

Blueberries – in season it’s full of big blueberries, and my first memory of eating lots of blueberries is up there at this point.

The first time I went up there was about 10 years ago when I was 19 or so.”

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  1. debs

    this new year was a beautiful event inside the quarry
    thousands if candles lit inside , choir singing
    folk where helping everyone to cross over the water
    people where grilling over a fire under a hole that leads outside for the smoke
    bats were peeping in along the cave walls

    I was told when it is heavy snows it takes all the volunteers who turn up all day to take away the snow and make a way down the 1 km path to the cave

    afterwards there was a plastic bottle near the end / start of the track for people to put money in to pay for next years candles

    I didn’t have any money so I will take extra next year
    I love that i now live in a place where we are trusted
    and that each and every one of us can make a difference to whether we have this event next year or not