Roy Andréasson


I like spending time in nature and I am intrested the values that exist in the accessible nature around Fengersfors, I am very greatful to live in such a beautiful place.

There are so many places to chose from but Korpknatten is a place we have been coming back to since we discovered it when we moved here in 1975.

A place to spend time with friends, celebrate birthdays and to experience the splendid view.

When I look down at the landskape it is telling me a story, about what has been, the industrial period of Fengersfors and about all the activities during that period, about people who lived here thier different challenges.

History is history and now there are other activities in Fengersfors. We started an assiciation for cultural activities in the 70′s and were very happy to see the Not Quite collective coming and establishing in the village 10 years ago.

In the future we will see what will be the  in this area – one can be certain that there will be something new.

If you take time and calm down the forest will tell you its story, if you let it come to you.


  1. Liza Johansson

    Fina tankar Roy kring denna fantastiska bygd vi har kring oss. Ett underbart projekt att bygga vidare på eller hur …..

  2. Debs

    it feels to me as tho there is so much that has been happening here over many years , constantly changing with the times , whilst holding on to many good traditions , Fengersfors feels like a place full of so many different people and it feels like there is a place for all of us , however different we are , the community and opportunities here are amazing

    if … you….can ……make it there
    you’ll make it anywhere
    it’s up to you Fengersfors , Fengersfors