Ulrika Aneer

The lake.

I think the lake is part of the reason I moved here. I feel no need to go away for vacation; my holiday destination is five minutes from home.

During my early teens when most everything was incomprehensible and life constantly turned upside down, late in the night I used to go to a big river and lay down in one of the basins the river had made during the day. Surrounded by lukewarm water things staightened up again, at least just enough to get rid of the vertigo. Water became a great comfort for me, and it still is.

One of my worst case scenarios is lack of water. When hearing about war and catastrophies, it´s always the descriptions of lack of water that grabs me most. I can´t imagine what it would be like having no access to water, and the thought really frightens me.

Maybe that is why I feel so secure here; there is water everywhere and it seems unlikely that it would ever vanish.

One Comment

  1. debs

    I knew a woman who had a phobia of the sound of running water , when her neighbors installed a water fountain , she nearly fell apart , ( your exact opposite ) the homeopath doctor gave her a remedy , it was from a rabbid dog , to give her thirst ,
    I think people are really interesting in how different we all are …

    I’m in full agreement ulrika , who needs to take a holiday when they live here in the most beautiful place on earth .